Punch Bowl Pub Sefton Village – Once known as Harsnops?

The Punch Bowl Pub

Now this is an odd one I’ll admit but not so long ago whilst listening to a talk at Crosby Library about the Registers of Sefton Parish Church I recall the speaker referring to the Punch Bowl as being known as ‘Harsnops’ many years ago.

Punch Bowl Pub

It stuck in the back of my mind and then driving through Sefton Village the other day was brought back to the front. Some research was required.

Vintage Inns who presently run the Punch Bowl say this on their web site:-

Thought to be about 200 years old, earliest records show The Punch Bowl to be the only pub in the village in 1824. The grounds of the building stand on the original Grand National Steeplechase course and provided the meeting place for the 18th Century social club, ‘Mock Corporation of Sefton’ who claimed their charter was granted by William the Conqueror.

No mention of Harsnops there but then I came across this:-

Full text of “Crosby records. Blundell’s diary, comprising selections from the diary of Nicholas Blundell, esq., from 1702 to 1728”


And buried in the text of the research linked above is this:-

There are two inscriptions to the Diarist in the Blundell Chapel, Sefton ….. A village tradition, given in the preface to Crosby Records {Chetham Society, No. …… I met Tho: Syer at Harsnops, ’tis the first time we met Apriuist.

So this is where the reference to ‘Harsnops’ comes from I guess although I’m also sure that historians of Sefton Village will be able to pin it down more precisely than I have been able to do with my Google searches.

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  1. Phil Lovgreen says:

    Hi. Just seen the article on the Punch Bowl. I worked there in the evenings around about 1969-1970, maybe 1971. I was wondering if there is a list of the staff anywhere from that time. The landlord was Jack Phillips ex of the Old Roan, a staunch Evertonian and he had an Alsation called Joe Joe, named after Joe Royle. We worked in the Gun Room. I remember a blonde girl, I think her name was Lesley, she was married to Billy Kinsley from the Merseybeats, and her brother, Bobby, was there also. There was Sue Potts, who was a trainee teacher and her friend Kate. Later on a girl called Linda joined us but I think I might moved back to the Pheasant by then. We were very friendly and the gang of us would go to Toad Hall in Ainsdale after work on Friday and Saturday nights. It would be good to trace them down to see what they’re doing now and maybe meet up.

  2. Mrs.Haley says:


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