Maghull – Police in, youth and CAB out in Town Hall shake up

Work has now started on remodeling the former youth facility in Maghull Town Hall to turn it into a Police Station and Maghull Town Council seems to think this is worth celebrating. But is it? My letter to the Champion newspaper puts the matter in context:-

Dear Sir,

Is there really much to celebrate because part of Maghull Town Hall is to become a Police Station soon?

In my view what we have lost far outweighs what we are going to gain. The accommodation that the Police are moving into was specifically remodeled into a youth facility from its original use as a sports changing room not so many years ago. What’s more that accommodation was shared with the Citizens Advice (CAB). So whilst gaining a Police Station within the Town Hall we have lost the last publicly funded youth facility in the area and the CAB.

What’s to celebrate, the match has sadly been lost 2-1.

Yours sincerely

Tony Robertson

Poster on Maghull Town Hall noticeboard recently

Having campaigned to bring a CAB facility to Maghull and backed the establishment of the innovative Youth Coffee Bar I am rather saddened by this turn of events, indeed it angers me.

These are the plans (above) that ensure that the youth facility can never be reopened. Surely using this space for a Police Station to serve the Sefton East Parishes part of the Borough (Lydiate, Maghull, Melling and Aintree Village) is a wrong-headed priority. Of course the area needs a Police Station but we also need a youth facility and a CAB.

There are plenty of vacant shop/retail units locally so why take the space that had been specifically converted as youth facility and occupied for that use until recently – it could have and should have been revived.

And to put the tin lid on it we are told that there are concerns about the rise in anti-social behaviour as though having a active attractive youth offering would not be part of the solution to that problem!

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9 thoughts on “Maghull – Police in, youth and CAB out in Town Hall shake up

  1. Paul says:

    Why not incorporate a suitable office space into the library for use by the CAB?

  2. Dave says:

    As being a worker who work with the young people of maghull and surrounding areas. I worked in the coffee bar which was a valuable place for young people to meet most nights we would see 60 to 90 young people meeting in the centre. Yes we had our problems but the young people had valuable and positive relationships with adults who could relate to them and give steer them in to the right direction. When this centre closed the young people where totally over looked. This centre is still needed in this area and needs to be the centre of a youth focused regeneration of the maghull area.

    • Mike Rennie says:

      The coffee bar is an outdated concept it was just an excuse for kids who do not live in the area to hang around after school and become a nusence.

      • That’s bit harsh Mike, yes maybe the concept could have been updated but that was in the hands of local young people who designed it. As for it being used by young people from outside of Maghull, yes some would have been from Melling, Aintree, Lydiate etc. but that’s because the 3 local high schools bring in students from a wide area so friendship groups are of a wide geographical nature too. It was unique because it was run by young people for young people with minimal adult imposed rules. People like Nickie Smith invested a great deal of time helping young people who went to this facility and assisting them address the issues they came with.

  3. Mary Webb says:

    I think it’s an outrage that 2 such importance outreach groups have to go. There is totally enough space to make all of them viable. Tony, after many years of juggling resources for HMRC you and I both know what can be achieved by optimising floor space. I suggest Maghull Town Council consult us to sort this totally solvable problem !

  4. Irene Wilson says:

    This obviously comes down to revenue for the Town Hall. I was in an art group that used the activities room each week but the cost of hiring became prohibitive so we moved. We couldn’t have free use if the facility as not all of our members lived in Maghull. We do still have a football club and a cricket club very close to the Town Hall could one of these venues open up as a coffee bar ? We have all read the reports on the cricket club having to find more funds could they help raise some of this money by providing an after school activities facility including the sale of coffee/tuck etc.

    • Indeed this is an odd carry on, Maghull seems to have managed to lose a CAB and youth facility simply to rehouse the Police. The best solution was always for the Police to rehouse themselves in the area without the need to have lost two important facilities in the process. Looks like a right old policy muddle to me that shines neither the Town Council or Police in a good light.

      • Dave Edwards says:

        Can I ask an obvious question? Why not have the coffee bar in Lydiate? The community centre could be used the the young people from maghull lydiate Aintree and melling would have somewhere to hang around why does it have to be in Maghull?

        Also are these places staffed by qualified adults and not just over enthusiastic parents?

        Dave Edwards

        • It looks like a group of volunteers is trying to set up a youth facility within Lydiate Village Centre Dave so that’s a positive move. But that’s not going to help the lack of youth facilities in Maghull of course because young folk hang around in Maghull because they go to high school there. Not having a youth facility in Maghull is asking for trouble and that’s why one was set up following campaigning by local youngsters some 20 years ago. Maghull Town Council used to employ an adult to assist and Sefton Council provided a Youth Worker. It worked really well and the challenging behaviour of some youngsters was tackled. I had nothing but admiration for the Youth Workers and volunteers who helped out at the Coffee Bar. So sad that under its new administration (Labour) the Town Council withdrew the facility in favour of Tennis Coaching instead.

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