Formby – More on Fisherman’s Path Level Crossing

The Southport Visiter has the story on its web site – see link above

Wow this one keeps doing the rounds and there’s still no workable permanent solution on the cards between Network Rail and Sefton Council.

Surely a bridge with suitable access ramps for those with disabilities etc. is one permanent solution is it not? So why does this go on and on and on when lives are at stake?

One thought on “Formby – More on Fisherman’s Path Level Crossing

  1. Geoff Ibbs says:

    The situation and circumstances of Fisherman’s path crossing are mainly due to the inept management of NWR. When the current situation started in 2014 NWR abdicated their responsibilities and employed a ‘consultant’ to review the crossing with the thought of closing it and having a bridge. The resultant report was included with the planning application, whilst it was big on lizards / toads etc. it just mentioned that one residential property was close to the crossing. However they chose to ignore it. As it was borough and national election time local potential councillors and the MP jumped into the act ‘we’ll build a bridge’ etc. [loads of photo opportunities] Needless to say no bridge, and so much money wasted, the bridge as planned unsuitable, disabled access etc. and of course they are unable to close the crossing as it is the right of way to the property that the ‘consultant’ had chosen to ignore. The politicians all got bags of press, the local papers did not bother to report with any endeavour. Fortunately NWR have got deep pockets, six months of a ‘helper’ at the crossing 7am to 11pm every day, £50,000. And if they stop there will be another suicide. NWR should ask the consultant to return their fee !

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