Lydiate/Maghull – Their former Cheshire Lines railway stations

A close up of Lydiate Signal Box

I have blogged about the isolated former Lydiate railway station before but to recap it was not even in Lydiate Civil Parish but just over the border in Altcar Civil Parish off Carr Lane*. It closed on 7th January 1952 and all trace of it has effectively gone. Interestingly though Lydiate does have a Station Road which joins Southport Road adjacent to the Scotch Piper Pub and does eventually lead to the former station.

Lydiate Station sat on the Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway and the tracks were lifted after June 1960. The station site is still accessible though as it is on the Trans Pennine Trail/Cheshire Lines Path and the station site is one of the access/parking points on the footpath/cycle path. Here are a couple of signs that have been placed on the station site:-

I bet there are folks still around who can recall getting the train from Lydiate Station to Southport or indeed Liverpool. Indeed, when I moved into Sefton Lane, Maghull in 1968 an elderly couple next door would tell me of their travelling by train from the former Sefton and Maghull Station on the same line. That station has also gone now although the platforms were still there in 1968 – it’s all now part of Sefton Lane Industrial Estate. Then around 1970 I met a chap called Jack Petty who taught at Ormonde Drive Secondary Modern School (now Maghull High); he was my form teacher. He told stories of using the railway after the war to get from his Southport home to work in Maghull and how he was often the only person on the train and the station staff at Sefton & Maghull made him a brew each morning when he got off the train.


*Altcar Civil Parish was split as a consequence of local government reorganisation in 1974 and the part in West Lancashire is now called Great Altcar Civil Parish – The part in Sefton Borough is called Little Altcar Civil Parish and its the most southernmost part of what most folks will think of as Formby.

4 thoughts on “Lydiate/Maghull – Their former Cheshire Lines railway stations

  1. Grace says:

    As a child I lived opposite the Racecourse and the Ormskirk line is now the line at the bottom of the garden but I have a memory (or dream) that the Southport trains were on same route. They were steam and the trains waited outside Aintree station (so at the bottom of our garden) close enough to shout to the driver

    • Geoff says:

      The Cheshire Lines raiway through Aintree was only just behind the existing Ormskirk line so depending how old you are this could be true. The trains from Aintree to Southport ended in 1952.

  2. Steve Bousfield says:

    In your writing you mention a teacher at Ormonde High School using the SCLER railway. When I was at the school (1977-1984) the Assistant Caretaker was Mr Briggs (he was known as smiler). He had I believe worked on the railway rising to being a Signalman. This was likely to be the reason why he had a grip link a vice.

  3. I was born in 1946 and lived in Gainsborough Avenue near the entrance to Ormonde Drive School. My family didn’t have a car but on warm weekends in the summer we and other families would head down the road, get onto the railway at a level crossing and walk along the railway to Sefton Station for the Southport train, usually a tank engine and 2 or 3 coaches, to go to Ainsdale and a day on the beach. I remember an Itallian caretaker at Ormonde Drive School called Mr Castelloti. He stopped me training on the running track at the school one evening but I explained I was serious and he gave me special prmission. Nice man.

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