Arriva Buses on strike in Liverpool area – A passenger’s response

I’m no fan of local bus services generally because since Bus Deregulation in the 1980’s services have declined and are in the main poor to average.

I often wonder whether Arriva run buses to suit themselves as they do not seem reliable on the 300 route in particular, or so I have heard regular users complain about. Missing buses during afternoons is something I have been hearing folks grumble about for a while now.

If a bus does not run, is cancelled or significantly delayed why aren’t passengers told why? Surely a screen on a bus could give messages that explain why say a previous bus had not turned up at the advertised time or at all. It’s as though passengers are a secondary thought, but then again bus deregulation was meant in part to lead to competition on routes to drive up customer service standards etc. Well that did not happen as the larger bus companies simply bought out or saw of their smaller competition so they had route monopoly.

My view is that local bus services should be re-regulated in a similar way to how railway franchise operators are so that fines can be levied against bus companies not delivering to specified service standards.

And the thought from a frustrated passenger? This was said to me with regard to the first Arriva local bus strike here on Merseyside a few days ago. The thought was along the lines of ‘I thought the idea of a strike was to put pressure on your employer to address whatever the grievance is about that caused the strike whilst at the same time making the employer worry about the company not being able to offer its specified services. But with Arriva they don’t seem to care whether they run a 300 bus or not anyway, strike or no strike, so how can Arriva staff going on strike cause the company to be concerned about their buses not running?’ Now that’s an illuminating comment is it not?

With thanks to Jen, a regular 300 bus user, for the lead to this posting.

I’m happy to post any response from Arriva, I might add.

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