Ainsdale – Where once two railways crossed each other

I walked a section of the Sefton Coastal Path the other day and found myself passing under a bridge (at the side of the Liverpool – Southport railway line) that I have driven over very many times.

I knew this was where the former Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway had once been carried over the top of the present Merseyrail line but what I had not realised is that the bridge abutments of the old railway bridge are still in use with a road deck replacing the previous railway one. The stone abutments are the clear give away as you can see in the two photos above.

Above is Southport Lord Street Station frontage in 2015 – below is a link to my Flickr Page where the photo is stored and where there’s some additional information.

The trackbed of the former railway is now a significant part of Southport’s Coastal Road from it’s southern boundary through Ainsdale and Birkdale to what would have been the entrance tracks to it’s former Lord Street Station, the frontage of which still stands.

The location where the two railways once crossed each other would have been not so far away from long gone Woodvale Station on the S&CLER and it is only a short distance south of the present Ainsdale Station.

The S&CLER closed completely on 7th July 1952 and the tracks were lifted shortly afterwards. Woodvale Station closed 7th January 1952 along with all the other stations on the line from Aintree Central to Southport Lord Street.

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