Switch Island & A59 – Have you seen the mess that litter chucked out of vehicle windows causes?

Litter chucked from vehicles can now be seen beside many main roads at at junctions*.


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

I also blogged about this subject back in 2014 and here’s a link back to that posting:-


It seems to be becoming almost a fashionable thing to do, an ‘acceptable’ way to dispose of unwanted wrappings and general junk within a vehicle. I bet most of us have seen it happen. A window winds down in front of us in a queue of traffic and some rubbish gets thrown out onto the pavement or grass verge.

I may have related this story before but a few years back I was walking along Green Lane in Thornton, here on Merseyside, and there was a queue of traffic at the traffic lights. A few yards ahead of me was a lady walking in the same direction as me. Just in front of her a car window opened and a nappy was chucked out onto the pavement. The lady picked it up and with some force threw it against the back window of the car it came from. It made quite a mess on that car and the occupants looked as surprised as I did. Direct action got a message home on that occasion I suspect.

*(This is a general illustrative shot of litter)

3 thoughts on “Switch Island & A59 – Have you seen the mess that litter chucked out of vehicle windows causes?

  1. Irene Richman says:

    My sister did that. Car stopped at traffic lights infront of her and chucked out coffee cups. She jumped out picked them up and shoved them back in through their window. Then from behind her an unmarked police car pulled up alongside her. The police officer said that he had seen it too and would take action. Further along the road she saw he had stopped the car. Justice!

  2. Irene Donnellan says:

    Tony it isn’t just switch island. It’s everywhere. Traffic lights are worse but evrn though their is a law against throwing litter from a vehicle people still do it. How is that ever going to get policed. A bit like running red light really. Has to be seen by the the law officers. Never going to work.

  3. David Brookes says:

    Switch island hasn’t been touched since the main road works Tony. The greens haven’t been cut too. There’s still sign posts left from the road works.

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