Ainsdale – Work progresses on it’s new station buildings

I have blogged about the rebuild that is presently ongoing at this Merseyrail Station before. My last posting is accessible via the link below:-

I went back to have a look at progress last week and things on the Southport bound platform side are clearly radically changing as steelwork for the new station building is now up – see lead photo above.

The state of the old station buildings can be summed up with this photo:-

What you are looking at is the rear wall of the platform building on the Liverpool bound side of the station (facing Chesterfield Road), quite a mess indeed.

Click on the photos to enlarge them

One thought on “Ainsdale – Work progresses on it’s new station buildings

  1. Been years since I visited Ainsdale station it wasn’t the grandest station in Merseyside

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