Brexit – Oh look a shortage of EU nurses!

The BBC Has the news on its web site – see link above

Sadly Brexiters are seemingly happy to see us have a nursing shortage as they desperately try to turn the UK into a nation with no friends. Of course it could also be that they did not think through the consequences of their actions as they led us towards the cliff edge.

I wonder if Brexiters would be prepared to go in a slow lane when they need to attend hospital? Just imagine being asked ‘did you vote for Brexit?’ at triage. You did, OK please go to that queue of there. It’s a much longer queue because we have ensured that there are no EU medical staff to interact with you. I bet Brexiters would soon change their tune and pretend they had not voted for Brexit!

Sadly, however, we are all in that NHS slowing down treatment lane due to the collective act of self-destruction created by the result of EU Referendum.

As Tom Brake MP tweeted recently:-

Brexiters promised to revitalise the NHS, but they’re killing it. 30,000 unfilled nursing posts, 96% drop in EU nurses registering to work.

2 thoughts on “Brexit – Oh look a shortage of EU nurses!

  1. Jeff says:

    ‘Claims of an exodus of EU NHS staff do not stand up to the NHS’s own data’ [November 2017]:

    …is the fall in EU nurses down to Brexit? It seems unlikely since EU nationals also increased in every other role – support roles (+1,309), science/technical (+902), doctors (+470), ambulance (+138), managers (+38) and midwives (+28). In addition, the changes in EU nurses vary considerably by nationality – Spanish (-518), Portuguese (-228), Romanian (+248), Polish (+120), Greek (+57). Are Spanish Nurses leaving due to Brexit, but Romanians joining in spite of it?

    Given only certain nationalities of EU nurses have fallen in number, a more plausible explanation is the introduction of the IELTS (an English Language Test) in Jan 2016.


    EU nurse numbers (and their falling registration levels with the NMC) should be also put in the context that they have risen by 118% from only 9,942 as recently as March 2013, and that the Chief Executive of NHS Employers gave evidence to the House of Lords that EU recruitment was a: “get out of jail free card… for not plan[ning] our workforce properly” that the NHS should be “rightly criticised” for.

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