Melling – Remember ‘The Chesterfield’?

The Chesterfield was a banqueting Suite/restaurant for want of a better description on Prescot Road in Melling, near to the junction with Cunscough Lane. The building was originally a school (St. Mary’s RC Primary School which closed in the 1970’s?) and the banqueting suite/restaurant itself closed around 2000?

The site has now been redeveloped as a large house and here’s a couple of photos of it with an appropriate plaque/datestone reflecting back to what used to be on the site.

The building as it was until the recent redevelopment – Photo Credit Rightmove

From talking to a Melling resident who lives nearby I think I have pieced together the rough history of this site. There seems to have been a link between the former school with St. Mary’s RC Church (of which more in a subsequent posting) just over the civil parish border and further along Prescot Road into Aughton. Also, the old school and indeed the restaurant/banqueting building was used as a polling station in elections until a few years ago.

But that about exhausts all the information that is readily available, unless of course anyone out there can fill in the gaps. Comments, additions and corrections gratefully received.

With thanks to Alan Thompson for his help with this posting

8 thoughts on “Melling – Remember ‘The Chesterfield’?

  1. Rob Morris says:

    I went to a wedding reception there in 2003

  2. Name says:

    The house next door was once a small care takers house for the school.And if you look at the car park closely you can still see the lines of a playground the gardens at the rear where donated to the school by the church.And I believe the plaque on the school house was donated by the church.

    • Kate Higgins says:

      Hi – I went to St Mary’s school, along with my seven brothers and sisters. It’s a shame the new house doesn’t have a plaque with the old school name as well as The Chesterfield. The Norris family lived in the caretakers house, Mrs Norris looking after the school- her children attended the school with us.

  3. avid Roberts says:

    Hi my aunt her name was Vera Green and her husband Jim green lived in the caretaker house from the 50s through to the 70s their two children Moira and Edmund green attended st Mary’s school . I am the nephew of aunt Vera she was responsible for cleaning the school and regular caretaker chores. I know all this because I stayed their on school holidays. The old cottage was very small 2 beds and small living room. It a wonderful place to stay during summer ho ls . It’s strange because I eventuality appeared at the chesterfield suite with my band. But the old cottage was in the process of being developed. Sadly all the beauty was taken away imo . I have not got a picture of the original cottage. Please let me know if you have a picture

  4. mike hardman says:

    HI, I attended the school and was in the last year to leave as it closed, I then moved to secondary school in Maghull. The headmistress was Mrs Byrne, teachers where Mrs Whitchellie and Mrs Moorhead. The entire school had no more than 35 pupils in with approx 6 pupils in each of the “years”. Mrs Green was in deed the caretaker, her Brother I believe was Farther Farrelly who taught Divinity at my secondary school (coincidence). in approx 1972 we planted a time capsule under the tree to the left on the grass as you entered the car park. The field at the back seemed huge and a great place to play, the houses divided this up when the lot was sold. Names of children I remember where the Andrew Ligget and Christine Hurst who lived near by on Cunscough lane, Paul Smith and I both lived in Melling, the Harris triplets where a little older than me Paul Carr, whose name changed to La lond and his cousin Sean Fairhusrt who I believe moved to Canada, Michael Gilmore, Crispin LLoyd, Patrick and Noola Smith, Paul Handmare and Margaret Pope many of whome when on some of the wonderful excursions to the Isle of Man by ferry, London by Train, when you could still get up Downing Street and Edinburgh again by train. I returned after the Chesterfield had closed and the owner let me look round, everything was so “small” a couple of years ago I made contact with the new owner who developed the property regarding the time capsule but he said it ha not been found in the development……………..

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