Merseyrail – When a train is simply too short!

Merseyrail Class 508 EMU at Maghull Station

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Folk using the Merseyrail Northern Line between Liverpool & Ormskirk may soon be using the ‘Miseryrail’ phrase as 3 car trains are yet again the order of the day due to power shortages at Aughton Park.

This first manifested itself a few weeks back but here we go again it seems. 3 car trains at rush hours are bad for passengers and they are letting their feelings be known!

Network Rail are in the dock over this continuing problem.

One thought on “Merseyrail – When a train is simply too short!

  1. Liz Stewart says:

    Not only 3 carriages, alas for the hardworking souls trying to get home,delays,and cancellations are becoming the norm.When you do manage to get on the train (sardines) come to mind,you then arrive at Maghull Sation to find that the 31 bus has left,last night because the train was delayed it got into Maghull at 6.22 the bus left at 6.20. surely the bus driver sees that the barrier has come down so the train would be in within a minute or two. could they not wait. So left work in Long Lane at 5.30 and got home at 6.50. fed up

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