Lydiate – Haven Walk hedging

Recently One Vision Housing took a significant amount of height out of their privet hedge which bounds Southport Road’s pavement and this seems to have been welcomed as it makes sight lines for motorists parked on Southport Road clearer.

But oddly the same hedge has also grown in width over the years and has been encroaching over the pavement yet this aspect was not tackled as part of the works.

I have raised this with One Vision Housing and await their response.

3 thoughts on “Lydiate – Haven Walk hedging

  1. Gill Knight says:

    Hi Tony
    Hedge boundary in owner occupied houses is also a problem, look on right side of Pilling Lane as an example.

  2. Paula Rigby says:

    Hi Tony,
    I agree with Gil but also the end of Silver Birch Way and Sandy Lane footpaths are treacherous due to poorly trimmed he grows

    • Thanks for the responses to this posting. As a general rule Sefton Council has the power to make a land owner cut back their hedging if it is overgrowing the pavement. The Council will usually be informed of such a problem via a resident asking them to take some action. So if you provide the address of the property causing the problem the Council may well step in.

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