Maghull – Poppy Fields – SUD fills up

SUD (Sustainable urban Drainage) – A big pond to collect water at times of heavy/persistent rainfall, which is then pumped away when the local drainage ditches can cope with the withheld water. Well that’s my definition anyway. A more technically correct definition, via Wikipedia, is available in this link:-

And the reason for this interest in urban drainage? Well Maghull has a SUD pond on the new Poppy Fields* housing development off School Lane and here’s a photo of it pretty full of water on 22nd December:-

If my understanding is correct, it will be drained via a pipe network that ends up in Whinney Brook and from what I saw when I took this photo it was in the process of being pumped out.

My previous photo of this SUD pod was taken on 11th November, soon after it had been dug out:-

Looking over the recently created rainwater collection pond. School Lane is behind the fence in the background.

With the high water table in the Maghull area I am guessing that it will often have water in it.

All new land development projects will have some form of SUD associated with them these days but the big question is how well will they cope with flash downpours.

And related to this site I noticed that the first occupants of the Poppy Fields housing development were moving in when I was there on 22nd.

Also I noticed a large banner which told me and anyone else reading it that the development is made up of 3, 4 and 5 bedroomed houses. But what do we need? 1 and 2 bedroomed properties and single level houses as starter homes and for the elderly to move into to free up larger properties for families, oh and social housing for rent too of course.

Yep, housing policy is a mess and it has been this way for at least the past 30 years.

* This piece of land was the uncontroversial housing development site in Maghull, during the Local Plan process, where environmental campaigners agreed it was suitable for building.

3 thoughts on “Maghull – Poppy Fields – SUD fills up

  1. Ross Ferguson says:

    HI Tony, I probably sound neive but isn’t the SUD at Poppy Fields a little dangerous, considering the young children who will eventually live on the new estate?
    I’ve seen many SUD’s around The old Speak Airport and they look fantastic especially when they have established themselves with birds and foliage but so close to a residential housing estate.

    • Good point Ross. All I can say is they are becoming more and more common as a way to try to control flooding. There are a couple next to Brooms Cross Road near to Switch Island that I have noticed. How they are made child-safe I’m not sure though, although you would have thought it would be a significant consideration when near to housing.

      • Ross Ferguson says:

        Hi Tony
        Many thanks for your reply, I just thought that I’ve never seen one that close to housing estate before.
        I know the one’s I’ve seen in Speak and as you say, on the Brooms Cross Road, have got ‘Life Belts’ situated around them but it must be worrying for parents of children living close by.

        Kind Regards

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