Transport Spending – Not much up north but are we surprised?

A Virgin Trains Pendolino train at Liverpool Lime Street Station.

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

The fact that the spending on transportation is so imbalanced is frankly no surprise. Of course government’s always over-egg what they are doing and the opposition always under-eggs what the same government is doing. As a rule of thumb the truth is usually somewhere in between.

But in this case we seem to have a reasonably credible assessment of what is going on and apart from it being no surprise it is also a disgrace. Now don’t get me wrong capital cities always require higher spending on infrastructure due to their position within any economy but for things to get so far out of balance is worrying even though it may well have been the case for generations and through governments of all colours.

Sucking more people and resources into the South East of England, as has been the consequence of government policy for many a year, has its big down side in that the monster needs feeding all the time and this is done by selectively starving the regions of the UK of similar investment. Yes of course the odd high profile and over-egged project slips through to try to keep the illusion of some form or parity but reality is always different.

Oh and what about the Northern Poorhouse, because that is what it is; Powerhouse indeed, how may were fooled by all that froth?

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