Maghull – Lift Towers up for new station

They are probably the most controversial part of the new station with the Mersey Avenue residents who will be living next to it:-

Presently the towers are just concrete boxes but they will look a little different when complete – something like this:-

Here’s another shot of the work on the new Maghull North station (taken on 25th January) from the Park Lane over-bridge:-

The first photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

2 thoughts on “Maghull – Lift Towers up for new station

  1. Luke Daly-Groves says:

    It looks like the Berlin Wall or some sort of prison guard towers! When did we stop decorating our architecture as a nation? Some carvings would be nice, maybe a clock on one of the shafts to make them look less ugly?

  2. Peter Winstanle says:

    Doesn’t appear to be much room between the platform edge and the stairs for people in wheelchairs or youngsters in buggies to get past when coming from/going to the lift.

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