Maghull – The 1909 map that fills a wall in Scrummies

One of my favourite places to stop off whilst on a cycle ride locally is Scrummies Cafe at Treeview Court/Station Road in Maghull.

One wall of the cafe is all about the local area using historic photos and a great representation of an Ordnance Survey map painted directly onto the wall. It depicts Maghull as per the 1909 OS map.

I love OS maps and can spend hours looking at one so if you see someone in Scrummies staring vacantly onto the wall I’m taking about then you’ll know it’s me.

Oh and btw their bacon barms are great too.

4 thoughts on “Maghull – The 1909 map that fills a wall in Scrummies

  1. Bill Tubey says:

    With all due respect, have a close look at the map as it is seriously inaccurate. The Cheshire Lines extension (1880s) is shown but the area arond the current station (1850s) is shown as undeveloped and virgin!!! I have pointed this out.

    • Bill Tubey says:

      It originally showed the canal goiung over the railway.

      • Yes indeed Bill, I had not intended to suggest it was totally accurate more that it is represented a period of time. My guess is it was drawn from looking at the map and was intended to be a direct copy.

        • kev says:

          Guys the map on the wall is a direct copy of a map I downloaded from the internet. This was projected to the wall via an OHP and copied – not sure if the map was accurate or not 🙂

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