Brexit, Momentum & the Labour Party

It seems odd but the Brexit policy stance of our Official Opposition in the UK is providing cover for our Bluekip/DUP Government of the ever further right. And yes it’s very uncomfortable for those of us on the left of UK politics who are vastly Remainers, but sadly it is where we are.

In some ways I understand that moderate Labour MP’s (who make up a majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party) are in the main keeping their heads down over Brexit, even though they know it will be a disaster for the UK. They do so of course because they fear deselection and or trouble from a Momentum dominated Party membership. But the longer they keep quiet the more Labour allows our appalling Government to push ahead on Brexit.

I am convinced that a joint credible Labour/Lib Dem/SNP/Green push against Brexit would all but finish off a deeply divided Tory Party.

But it seems we need not only moderate Labour MP’s but moderate Labour Party members to rise up to try to force a change in the Labour leadership’s pro-Brexit policy approach.

What’s the point of Labour trying to win the next General Election if it can’t carry out its spending pledges because Brexit has broken our weak economy into pieces? Why doesn’t the Labour Leadership see this for itself?

Yes I know loyalty to the Party is everything in Labour but surely the many Remainers in Labour can get to grips with the fewer Brexiters.

And the bottom line, Brexit will lead to the loss of things that the trade union movement has fought for over generations. Brexit is a Loss of Rights Charter for the ordinary man and woman – it must be stopped.

4 thoughts on “Brexit, Momentum & the Labour Party

  1. Malcolm Gore says:

    If Labour ever get in power, Brexit will be the least of your worries. The economy will be so broken Greece will seem like an economic miracle but you still don’t get it do you Tony!. Brexit is about so much more. You and your ilk can’t seem to grasp the idea of Democracy. We. had a referendum, you lost, we are leaving.
    We would get a better deal if for once MPs would put the country first and pull together instead of the me me attitude of I am right and everyone else is stupid
    If doom and gloom doesn’t work then just blame everything on Brexit.
    We are due for cold snap this week, no doubt that will be the fault of Brexit

    The behaviour of some politicians of all persuasions has been totally disgusting and proves how little they care about a country I am proud to call my own..
    You and may go on and on with your scare tactics but we are leaving and as far as I am concerned, the sooner the better.

    • I accept although frankly do not understand your position and indeed your optimism with regard to Brexit Malcolm. We come from very different worlds is about the only thing that comes to mind. BTW my mentioning the Labour Party in this posting was simply an attempt to sober up their sit back and watch membership who need to change Corbyn’s mind over Brexit. You may think any sacrifice is worthwhile for Brexit I think it is a ruinous escapade promoted by the rich and powerful to take rights from ordinary citizens. But we will have to agree to disagree Malcolm.

  2. James Troy says:

    For a so called Libdem you are constantly worried and losing sleep ofver the Labour position on Brexit. This is for them to determine and it looks like they are not prepared to take the blame when it eventually goes belly up.

    • Yes James I am a Lib Dem but the reason I am concerned about Labour’s positioning over Brexit is that it is the biggest public policy issue of a generation and Labour are at best all over the place with it. Sitting back and letting Brexit happen so that Labour can then say oh well it was all the Tories fault is just letting the rich and powerful hurt the poor. If that’s socialism I’m Dutchman. OK I’m neither a socialist or a Dutchman but surely you get my drift. We can’t just let rights won by the trade union movement, for example, over generations be swept away just so Labour can blame the Tories for it happening when the Tories don’t even have a majority in Parliament.

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