Crosby – It’s library looks more than a little the worse for wear sadly

Having been to Crosby Library a number of times recently it has been brought home to me how much it needs a little TLC.

I recall during my 15 years as a Sefton Councillor thinking similar thoughts and maybe I am as much to blame myself for not trying to do something positive to improve things?

The Civic Hall behind the Library has been moldering away for many years now but frankly it too was in very poor internal condition the last time I was in there prior to its mothballing/closure.

The building is certainly a child of its times with that 1960’s look to the architecture that makes it hard to love.

Surely things can’t continue as they are and that at some point Sefton Council will need to give this much needed and busy library a new lease of life?

4 thoughts on “Crosby – It’s library looks more than a little the worse for wear sadly

  1. Judith Clark says:

    I would like to see both the library and the civic hall refurbished, and the civic hall re-opened. I would love to see Orrell and Litherland libraries re-opened too, but sadly, that won’t happen.

    • Oh I so much agree with you. I was a part of the campaign to save both those libraries are the others that were closed across Sefton Borough. Such sad losses indeed.

      • Richard M says:

        Three words spring immediately to mind.

        1/ Philistines.
        2/ Dumbing down.

      • Judith Clark says:

        Thank you for trying to save them though – some people didn’t bother. Orrell and Litherland were such lovely, friendly libraries, interesting buildings and convenient for local people; they are much missed.

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