Southport – Lakeside Miniature Railway

I could do with a bit of help here to nail down whether the miniature steam loco below, which I understand to have been named ‘George the Fifth’, is in fact one that originally came from the Lakeside Miniature Railway.

I photographed it at Steam Town Carnforth around 1983 and have recently been trying to track down what happened to it. In doing so I found a reference to it potentially being a former Lakeside Miniature Railway loco from Southport prior to it being at Carnforth.

If, and its a big if, I have this right the loco is now in the USA as part of a private collection.

Information, corrections and comments gratefully received.

The top photograph is amongst my Flickr shots at:

2 thoughts on “Southport – Lakeside Miniature Railway

  1. Gladys Armstrong says:

    Maybe Norman Wallis could help; he (and the guys who maintain the LMR) may have some information for you?

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