Merseyrail – RMT Dispute over loss of Guards, strikes and Jeremy

Merseyrail’s new Stadler Trains, to be delivered in a couple of years time, are at the heart of the dispute about driver only operated trains.

The BBC has an article about the next round of strike action on its web site – see link above

Oh no you might say Robertson’s banging on about those interminable railway strikes again. Well yes he is but from Jeremy’s perspective! You see a couple of days ago I saw a tweet from JC which said this:-

‘This @RMTunion film shows why it is essential to keep guards on our trains. Please share and support this important campaign. #KeepTheGuardOnTheTrain’

Well no problem with the tweet in itself BUT just hang on a minute Jeremy, why did Labour-run Merseytravel order new trains for Merseyrail that are intended to be run without train guards then? The RMT are right about Keeping the guards, in my view, but Labour is complicit in the guards getting axed here on Merseyside.

May I suggest to Jeremy that he tells his comrades on Merseyside that the order for trains meant to run without guards needs to be revised so that they run with train guards, then his Merseyside chums will no longer be embarrassing him.

3 thoughts on “Merseyrail – RMT Dispute over loss of Guards, strikes and Jeremy

  1. Phil Holden says:

    The trains were ordered to be driver only because that’s the way they operate safely round much of the network already. The indepedent Rail Safety and Standards Board have verified this mode of operation is safe. Addition of a guard does not make it safer. But you know that I think the real answer is to one day keep the guard and get rid of the driver

  2. Macolm Swann says:

    Why have the public not had their say. I see Steve Rotheram is backing Northern rail in keeping guards on trains. What happened to his support for the RMT on Merseyside. Remember, we the tax payers pay Merseyrail for any losses during any RMT strike action. Not a bad little deal that. A deal that runs until 2028. and sanctioned by the Labour run Authority.

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