Merseyrail’s troubled Northern Line to Ormskirk

A Merseyrail Ormskirk to Liverpool train rushes past the construction site of the new Maghull North Station on 19th February. Seen from the Park Lane overbridge.

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

On this occasion (today) I understand that snow gathering above the collector shoe, which takes power from the 3rd rail, on the electric unit caused the failure and indeed the fireworks. Could the 507/508 electric trains not have been checked for such snow build up?

But electrical problems on this line, particularly north of Maghull in recent months have caused previous train cancellations due to power failures. Clearly these power failures were for Network Rail to resolve and we all hope that they have now cured the problem power supplies.

Travellers going north of the present Maghull Station in particular must be really cheesed off as their trains have been taken off due to the building of the new Maghull North Station and because of power supply issues in recent times on top of the strikes that have bedeviled the whole Merseyrail network of course.

One thought on “Merseyrail’s troubled Northern Line to Ormskirk

  1. Phil Holden says:

    One of the reasons Southern have problems is because of the third rail electrification system. It’s clean and green but not as reliable as overhead wires. The shoes get worn and knocked out of position anyway but snow and ice are a nightmare for them. A penalty for having been electrified since the early days. The UK railway is only one stage removed from being a heritage system really. Which can be understood from an engineering perspective. But strikes? How 1970s. How boring. How 2020s if Corbyn gets in.

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