Lydiate – Fly-tipping of tyres – Altcar Lane

This was the scene off Altcar Lane a few days ago:-

If I have read the situation here correctly these tyres have been taken out of the drainage ditch that runs alongside Altcar Lane during maintenance of the ditch.

Used tyres seem to be dumped in ditches all over Sefton Borough and indeed all over everywhere. I’m guessing that’s to avoid the cost of them being disposed of properly. Surely there has to be a process devised so that the fly-tippers can be traced as you would be hard pressed to find a roadside ditch without tyres in it these days.

One thought on “Lydiate – Fly-tipping of tyres – Altcar Lane

  1. Edie says:

    Tony last summer when Sue and I were on a bike ride along altar lane we came across a leg van load of rubbish dumped paint cans , carpets. Old and new. Buckets of old plaster. Ironing board. And lots of other rubbish , but amongst it were two letters with a ladies name and address on them Southport road, Lydiate, so the next morning Sues husband John rang the environmental officer, only to be told there was nothing they could do it was on the farmers land . Now I personally think they should have gone to the house and traced the builde and fined him because now he knows if he dumps it on the farmers track it’s fine NOT ACCEPTABLE X

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