Lydiate – ‘In Flower’ makes an impact

Lydiate in Flower is a relatively new volunteer community group which aims to try to brighten up Lydiate.

It’s first initiative is to put gateway planters on the roads leading into the community. The first two flower troughs are now up at both ends of Southport Road on the Maghull and Downholland Civil Parish boundaries.

The photos above were taken on Southport Road and the flowers are looking great. The sponsorship is very much appreciated and the sign shows one of the sponsoring companies.

More Lydiate in Flower initiatives to follow.

3 thoughts on “Lydiate – ‘In Flower’ makes an impact

  1. Val Heneghan says:

    Can I say thankyou to you all for the lovely planter at tha junction of Moss Ln and Southport Rd.
    I have noticed however that it does seem to obscure the view of oncoming traffic on Southport Rd when turning at the roundabout.
    Please don’t think I am complaining, I for one think all efforts to enhance our enviroment are appreciated by the residents of Lydiate and beyond.
    Kind regards,
    Val Heneghan.

    • Thanks Val, we are checking out what you have said. A traffic engineer from the Council did agree to the placement of the planter by the Weld Blundell though.

      • Val Heneghan says:

        Thanks Tony,
        Please keep me posted, I will be interested in your comments.
        Travelling from my home in Woodleigh Close I turn left at the roundabout everyday. It can be very busy and I know drivers can be frustrated because at times they are reluctant to give way, and I feel this is an extra hazard.
        Surely there are better positions on the village green that would not compromise the safety of road users.
        Thanks for your help,
        Kind regards…Val.

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