Prescot – It gets that Shakespeare feeling

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

Must admit this clearly long running story has not hit my radar previously.

Is this in a round about way (and never to be admitted officially of course) some form of apology from Knowsley Council for demolishing Prescot Leisure Centre?

One thought on “Prescot – It gets that Shakespeare feeling

  1. David Evans says:

    It is amazing how these things get announced in a blaze of glory by Knowsley politicos and and then subside into the usual steady downgrading of expectations as time progresses.

    In March 2016, Knowsley’s Labour council leader Andy Moorhead said ““In return for our investment, we anticipate that the scheme will deliver over £10m worth of value to the local economy, as well as 210 construction jobs and 57 full-time jobs once the facility open.”

    By Nov 2016, this had evolved into “Construction is due to begin in November 2017, creating 210 temporary construction jobs and once it is open creating 22 direct full-time posts.”

    Now it is “The project is expected to create 20 new jobs directly at Shakespeare North as well as supporting another 175 jobs across the region.
    It’s also hoped it will draw 111,000 visitors a year once it opens its doors.”

    So nearly two thirds of the jobs gone in little over two years, but it will now somehow support 175 jobs across the region (presumably including two or three people at Knowsley Council writing pieces like that above for the Echo).

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