Outsourcing and the (expensive) tangles it can get local government into


The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

I recall that during my time as a Sefton Councillor some work was outsourced to both Capita and Arvato with all party agreement. You may not be surprised to hear though that Sefton subsequently brought the Capita work back in house. The Arvato (part of the Bertelsmann Group) 10 year contract signed in 2008 seems to have been far more sustainable though. Here’s a link to the Arvato web page about Sefton Borough:-


One thought on “Outsourcing and the (expensive) tangles it can get local government into

  1. Phil Holden says:

    Well, I guess this just goes to prove that outsourcing can work and outsourcing can fail and that the key factor is probably how well it is set up, Tony (he said, creep, creep!)

    By the way the Chakrabortty article in the Guardian is one of the worst pieces I’ve ever read from a supposedly serious newspaper for being full of pejorative, throw away, cheap shots while totally lacking in any proper factual analysis or commentary. From a partial political columnist I could take it with a shrug of the shoulders, but the Guardian’s “senior economics commentator”?? Wow….

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