Maghull – Land cleared behind station for development

The once thickly wooded area behind the Liverpool bound platform of Maghull Station is now all but cleared ready for the housing development that has planning permission. Indeed, the land has had planning permission for a number of years but only recently has the site been fully cleared.

There was once a ‘refuge siding’ or ‘lay-by’ siding on part of this land just to the north of the station building (part of which can seen in the 2nd photo above) on the Liverpool bound platform. It was shown on a track plan for the station dated 1909 that I have seen but it was still there in the early 1960’s I’m told. I understand that it was finally removed around December 1963. It was used to store passenger rolling stock for early runs each day into Liverpool.

6 thoughts on “Maghull – Land cleared behind station for development

  1. Phil Prosser says:

    The refuge siding was actually between the end of the platform and Poverty Lane bridge. It was electrified, but there was never anything railway related on the land behind the Liverpool bound platform.

    • Thanks for clarifying Phil. I was going off what an old chap I knew had seen in the early 1960’s and a book called ‘The Last Merseyrail Signal Boxes and their heritage – Part 2 The Northern Line’ where there’s a line diagram. I could not work out how near to the station building the siding got.

  2. Rose horton says:

    Whats happening to the old station masters house ?.I hope it’s going to be refurbished and not torn down.

    • Must admit I have lost track of that particular matter but my recollection is that it is going to be refurbished. My Frank Hornby Trust colleague Les French says that the Maghull Station Master’s house was an inspiration for Hornby who would catch a train from Maghull each day to work. Inspiration in that it influenced the design of his models.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Rose I own the station masters house and I’m very glad to tell you it will not be torn down, I want to keep the history this building has and bring it back to life. Watch this space



  3. Matthew Crow says:

    I remember when there were a couple of other railway houses next to the stationmasters house and it’s sad to see them go derilict and demolished. The Land yo the east of the station was for a goods yard that never was.

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