Southport – An open top bus tour

Well it was an open top bus tour and it was on a vintage Southport Corporation bus, but the tour was actually around St. Helens rather than Sunny Southport.

A visit to an open day at the North West Museum of Road Transport (see previous posting) in St. Helens on 6th May brought about my open top bus tour. It was great that they had got out a vintage Southport Corporation bus to do honours, not least because the sun was cracking the flags in St. Helens just as it was in Sunny Southport that day.

The colour scheme of the former Southport Corporation (red and cream) was just made to make their buses stand out. So sad that our local seaside Town has lost all its colourful buses.

9 thoughts on “Southport – An open top bus tour

  1. Iain BB says:

    Tony, the old Southport colours are still used on lampposts in the town

  2. John S says:

    There are other ex-Southport Open-top buses in preservation, and each year the Merseyside Transport Trust use the ones they have to run free Open Top Tours on the original route around Southport every Sunday during August.

  3. David Sumner says:

    Southport’s Park & Ride buses are tho original Southport cream and red because when the P&R scheme was being looked at, I along with Cllr Richard Hands and Cllr David Pearson insisted on the colour scheme. Ah for the good old days of a hung council.

  4. Does any one know if you car hire this out for weddings?

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