Maghull – Comrades poke Corbyn in the eye with EU Flag?

Labour in Sefton Borough are keeping their heads down as their great party leader nationally seemingly argues more forcibly each day for a Brexit agenda that will inevitably lead to job losses, no extra NHS funding, the poor being made poorer and a crisis economy.

Yet maybe, just maybe they can see that Comrade Corbyn is leading them down a very sorry path because in full public view, if you look closely, Labour-run Maghull Town Council is still flying the EU flag on Maghull Town Hall!

A small act of defiance maybe and one that they would not like their Momentum masters to know about (so please don’t tell them) but is there just a chink of light following 4 Merseyside Labour MP’s breaking ranks to defy Corbyn recently?

3 thoughts on “Maghull – Comrades poke Corbyn in the eye with EU Flag?

  1. nigel hunter says:

    Corbyn is out for a complete change of society. This could led to civil unrest and turmoil. One of the weapons used in this scenario could be the cc-tv cameras that are everywhere. Whilst they are ,at the moment, there for public service (latest talk putting them in nursing homes) they can be used to control people by right or left wing powers. They could become a disrupter of stable society.

  2. Joe Horton says:

    I suppose theybwill lower it for good when we leave but until then we are still members so it’s still flying

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