A Royal Wedding and an FA Cup Final – A good time to bury fracking bad news

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Fracking is a hugely controversial environmental issue. What’s more its happening on Sefton Borough’s doorstep and this proposed relaxation of planning rules is clearly aimed at smoothing the process of getting it started across the UK.

Of course Fracking is also a vision of the past because its a fossil fuel and not sustainable energy. The more we use fossil fuels the faster we accelerate global warming and make the lives of future generations more difficult.

But of course we all know all this so the big issue here was to bury the matter whilst eyes were turned on a royal wedding and the FA Cup Final. Some things never change and Governments of all colours do it because it works and we are easily distracted form the really important things.

With thanks to Cliff Mainey and Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.

One thought on “A Royal Wedding and an FA Cup Final – A good time to bury fracking bad news

  1. nigel hunter says:

    The Tories and Cameron are in love with fossil fuels. It provides them with funds from donors. It is also of the past, not the present or the future. If they push their beloved plans they will not meet the global warming reduction targets. They will leave it for others to sort out. They have already, thanks to Cameron, destroyed our renewable industries and left the position to foriegn countries to take over. Not only are they behind the times but also do things on the chep which then have to be corrected,which costs more in the long run.

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