A low wage culture? Well yes if you live outside the economically overheated South East


The BBC has the article on its web site – see link above

With the exception of Norwich, Southend and Worthing all the other communities with low wages are in the industrial north. Turning to the highest paid towns in England they are all in the South East with the exception of Derby.

No government has taken radical enough steps to seriously address this imbalance and please don’t point to the Northern Powerhouse or Poorhouse, as I like to call it, because that is little more than a political sticking plaster to make it look like Government is addressing the issue.

A solution? Try to make Universal Basic Income work. It’s been tried in Canada and in some of the Scandinavian countries but it needs to be really tested as a radical solution here in the UK.

4 thoughts on “A low wage culture? Well yes if you live outside the economically overheated South East

  1. nvelope2003 says:

    The Finns tested UBI and it is not being continued after the trial period ends. It is costly and unpopular with those who have to pay for it. Governments need the votes of the majority to get re-elected.

  2. Phil Holden says:

    The Italians might give it a go though. But it won’t do them any good while they are trapped in an EU that is set up to favour Germany. Could our regional differences reduce when we exit? Er, discuss? 🤔

    • You’re just trying to wind me up Phil; it will be the UK that’s trapped when we exit the EU. Maddest plan both economically and socially I have ever come across but hey both May and Corbyn say it’s going to be great so you know it’s going to be really crap for all of us especially the poor.

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