Ireland’s abortion referendum – What a great result

The BBC has the detail on its web site – see link above

This leaves just Northern Ireland living in the dark ages as the DUP partners of our present Tory Government seek to keep the Province in those dark ages.

This is of course another step, if a small one, towards a united Ireland if the younger generations can move forward and break free from the shackles of religious and inter-community hatred of their past.

Who would have thought that the deeply Catholic Irish Republic of not so many years ago could change so progressively and so quickly. A great result indeed.

One thought on “Ireland’s abortion referendum – What a great result

  1. Phil Holden says:

    I also welcome this surprisingly decisive result. Just heard someone on the radio pressing for a free vote in the Commons for the north. As I understand it this is, maybe surprisingly, a devolved matter. If so it’s up to the north to sort themselves out. Don’t hold your breath….

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