Better Days Ahead – Well there has to be surely

Above is a link to a most wonderful tune by jazz guitarist Norman Brown.

Hey things are more than a bit grim at present. The NHS is falling apart at the seams, the police are so under funded they struggle to protect us from crime, our schools are at breaking point with budget cuts, Northern would rather run buses than trains, Government is all at sea and their Official Opposition doesn’t seem to know how to oppose them. Trump keeps going bonkers, global warming is going to create a living hell for future generations and Brexit is going to see job losses, an economic downturn (yes we can keep going down!), less environmental protections…………. But you get my drift, as a progressive times have never been so tough – Thatcherism and Reaganomics were grim but we are are potentially on the road to far far worse.

So what do you do in the face of all this misery? You realise that there will be better days ahead as the electorate are sure to slam the brakes on whose they put in power and U-turn the political juggernaut away from the march towards fascism back to a progressive way forward. Well we’ve got to hope so because staying on the course the UK is presently on means a very poor outcome for us all but for the poor it does not bear thinking about!

But until May is put out of her misery and until Corbyn learns to oppose try listening to this tune by Norman Brown entitled Better Days Ahead, it will lift your weary soul…..

2 thoughts on “Better Days Ahead – Well there has to be surely

  1. R Crumblex says:

    Better days ahead? Isn’t it funny Tony that you are very quiet and don’t oppose the proposed traveller site in Melling or the theam park in Lydiate. However, you are up in arms and leading the protests when they propose to build homes for local people. I will be putting a screen grab of this reply on my Twitter page as we all know you don’t have the balls to answer to anyone who disagree with you.

    • Someone has not been taking a great deal of notice of things I have been saying for a very long time now. But for the sake of clarity let me make it clear that I oppose any agricultural land, particularly high grade agricultural land, being used for other purposes. So on that basis alone it is pretty obvious, to me at least, that I would not support either of the developments that you make reference to. Should you wish to suggest otherwise then that is your right in a free society.

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