Maghull – It’s new railway station has snagging issues

A visit to Maghull North railway station yesterday morning, for a train to Liverpool, brought up a few issues, one of which must be driving the residents of Mersey Avenue round the bend!

A refer to the testing of the station announcements system; I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like it! Noisy yes, but also all kinds of weird noises and verbal statements. Each time it kicked in I had to stop a conversation with a chap stood next to me. Has it really been necessary to inflict this on the Mersey Avenue residents living yards away?

Secondly the lifts were still not working 9 days after the new station opened and I was told, by another passenger who had asked about them, that it would be a few more days yet before they were working. Was it sensible to open the station with non-working lifts bearing mind that there are quite a few steps down and indeed up from the platforms? Having said that a lovely young man from Merseyrail had just escorted an elderly lady down the steps to get her train, so assistance where required, is being provided.

And lastly a question. Is the footpath originally proposed to link to the new station from Park Lane going to be constructed? I have heard opinions expressed on this and you can probably guess the matter is still unclear to me.

8 thoughts on “Maghull – It’s new railway station has snagging issues

  1. Daphne Rowland says:

    I was walking my daughters dog there yesterday. I was only in ear shot of that awful testing for 20 mins. It was practically none stop. Dreadful. I think the residents in Mersey ave have suffered enough. Don’t you?

  2. Mike says:

    Tony I know the parish council couldnt give two hoots about our big day they dont even add to calendar but this Sunday is the 11th car bike show which attracts more participation then the other events easily .
    Take a stroll Tony just up to parish hall on Sunday ….you ate the local man why you not even publicise? ?????

  3. Phil Prosser says:

    I spoke to one of the contractors last week about the access to Park Lane. Apparently it isn’t a Network Rail issue, the land between the car park and Park Lane is now owned by one of the housing developers on the site. Therefore, it’s upto them to create the access.

  4. Frank says:

    Tony, regarding your last point about unfinished work pertaining to the link pathway from Maghull North to Park Lane. It has already been constructed along with the requested lighting and was undertaken by ‘Skanska’ some years ago when they were tasked with the cancelled prison development. From a distance you can see the route of the path by referring to the lamp posts. I was informed by Persimmon (Site Sales Women) who have responsibility for this area, that it will not be opened at the Park Lane end until they have completed that stage of the housing development next year some time, as it will effectively be a building site.

    However, the most concerning/bizarre aspect of this path is that the pavements on Park Lane have been lowered for a crossing. The crossing, when opened, is dangerously close to a blind hump backed railway bridge, an issue I have informed Sefton Highways about but seemingly to no avail. Shades of a certain lamp post in a cycle path, in terms of common sense!

  5. Frank says:

    To finish on a positive note, I am delighted with the long awaited train station to the extent that I stepped onto the platform from the first train to arrive at 05-58! I am also looking forward in great anticipation of getting considerable use out of my Concessionary Pass next year! Nevertheless, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to the local people negatively effected.

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