When the very foundations of our democracy are under attack


The Guardian web site has the opinion piece – see link above

Electoral fraud on a possibly industrial scale is indeed chilling as it eats away at our democratic foundations.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

2 thoughts on “When the very foundations of our democracy are under attack

  1. Phil Holden says:

    There’s a lot of hyperbole in the Grauniad article. Nevertheless I think we’ve been complacent for many years about our electoral system. As an example, postal voting is wide open to abuse. But when it comes to people being influenced to vote in a particular way by lies, half truths, exaggeration, misrepresentation etc haven’t elections been like that since they were invented? But electorates are rarely susceptible or gullible enough not to see through it. Boris’s £350mill a week is a very good example. There can’t have been many who didn’t know it was a porkie. Or that Project Fear was full of ridiculous exaggeration. I agree that the electoral laws must be enforced but personally I doubt any of what has been reported made a smidgen of difference

    • You old cynic Phil, but yes I suppose the successful politicians over the years have been the ones able to get voters to follow their beliefs whether they be factual beliefs or not. But I think the whole EU leave issue has brought about a whole new level of misrepresentation.

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