Brexit – Why are our political leaders prone to embarrass us?

Today I woke up to hear that the Tories had nearly lost a couple of Brexit votes last night but that they had scraped home with majority of just 3. But it turns out that a handful of Labour MP’s had voted with the Government and 2 Lib Dem MP’s were missing in action during the vote.

The Tory Government was there for the taking, the Labour Leadership had finally sobered up and decided to do what they should have been doing months ago i.e. be the Official Opposition, but even then 3 of their MP’s went into the Government lobby (whilst other Labour MP’s abstained) to vote for the Tory Brexit plan. Then to put the tin lid on it 2 anti-Brexit Lib Dem MP’s, who should have known better, were absent on other business.

Frankly, along with many other progressive politicians, I am livid with those Labour MP’s who were not willing to kill off the Tory’s Brexit and indeed sided with the Government! I’m also livid with the two missing Lib Dem MP’s for not ensuring they were in the House of Commons Chamber to have their votes counted.

I have no worries that the two Lib Dem MP’s (Cable and Farron) would have voted against the Government had they been there but not being there was a big, a very big error of judgement. I also realise that had they recorded their votes the Government would still have had a majority of 1 because of Labour’s Brexit 3 but none the less they should have been there.

I’ve been in politics for 38 years now and have been a elected local councillor for 33 of those years but rarely have I felt so angry about a matter as I do today with regard to these 5 MP’s.

3 thoughts on “Brexit – Why are our political leaders prone to embarrass us?

  1. Ron Ellis says:

    Vince sees this as a way into government the 3 Labour MPs have form for this so no surprise they are 3 MPs who have voted out constantly. Tim Farron on the other hand was gay bashing with a crackpot Christian outfit. As a libdem voter I am as gutted as you over this fiasco but one has to wonder how two seasoned MPs as Cable and Farron could BOTH be missing at a crucial time when they knew a vote was taking place.

    Ron Ellis

  2. David Evans says:

    Sadly Tony, the reason things like this happen is because almost all Lib Dems are totally unwilling to hold their senior members to account, and formally discuss debate and vote on contentious issues.

    This is the same whether it is leader of a council group, an MP or a Party leader. Ultimately even though Nick was destroying the party from 2010 to 2015 and everyone could see it, hardly anyone was willing to do anything about it at all (except moan under their breath.

    Until we all accept that Liberal Democracy includes both aspects – Liberalism where everyone has an equal say and democracy where we actually vote on it – and we have a duty to make sure both happen, and not just moan about it, our senior figures will let us down and then pretend it wasn’t their fault.

    Then we will never learn and we will never improve, just making the same old mistakes again and again and again.


  3. Diana Mitchell says:

    Indeed, my reaction was the same – rage!

    This error of judgment is in my eyes not slight, it showed how Farron and Cable prioritised and that is worrying. We are all capable of cancelling appointments when an emergency occurs.

    A big chunk of my trust has evaporated.
    To put it mildly; I feel very let down.

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