Aughton – Fatal accident on Bold Lane – Melling Parish Councillor dies

The road that runs from the back of what used to be called the Swan Pub (now a steakhouse) on the A59 up to Town Green Station and Prescot Road is well used and part of it is called Bold Lane. In recent times the section of this lane between its junctions with Sandy Lane and Winifred Lane has been in poor condition, so much so that as a cyclist I have tended to avoid it. Indeed, I blogged about it back in February and if anything the surface is worse now than it was then. Here’s a link to that February 2018 posting:-

I mention the lane again as yesterday I hear that there was a fatal accident on the very section of road that I mentioned in my blog. The Liverpool Echo reports on its web site:-

I cycled part of Bold Lane only yesterday afternoon from the A59 to the junction with Sandy Lane where I intended to turn right to avoid the bad surface part of Bold Lane. However, as I got to the junction it became clear that I could not have gone further up Bold Lane anyway as it had been closed and taped of by Lancashire Police. A local resident said to me that she thought a pot-hole may have been the cause of an accident and my heart sank because I knew how poor the road surface was.

Obviously I don’t know if the accident was actually caused or contributed to by the road surface so I am not trying to say it was. Sadly later, via the Lydiate Neighbours Facebook Group I learned that the accident had involved a fatality. So very, very sad and even if the road surface was not a contributory factor it really does need repairing and soon please Lancashire County Council.

RIP Cllr. Allison Doyle member of Melling Parish Council

2 thoughts on “Aughton – Fatal accident on Bold Lane – Melling Parish Councillor dies

  1. Roy Connell says:

    Very sad Tony, it will be interesting to see what the findings of the Police are.

  2. David Charnley says:

    I too now avoid this section of road but it remains a popular route for cyclists. And i suspect a lot are unaware of the state of the road, particularly the downhill section. There has been a number of patching repairs over the last couple of years but these are soon opened up again. I’d like to see some warning signs at the Winifred Lane junction advising of the danger to cyclists. But we do need to understand the cause of this tragic accident as soon as possible.

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