Lydiate/Maghull – Pavement parking and people with disabilities don’t mix

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link below:-

Often vehicle drivers can be very selfish as they don’t think about or in some cases even care about the consequences of where and how they park cars and vans. But sometimes it will be unthinking and the motorist will be horrified when they realise they have made the life of someone with a disability even worse.

But how anyone can abuse a person with a disability who has had to point out that a vehicle is ether blocking their driveway or stopping them getting along a pavement is beyond belief to me. And anyway, why on earth would any driver block any driveway (other than their own); surely that can only be done as a deliberate act can’t it?

The same day that the Echo article was pointed out to me I had walked along Liverpool Road North in Maghull and noticed two problems where vehicles and other obstacles had been placed on the pavement. Firstly I saw 2 ‘A’ type-boards and a car across the very wide pavement opposite the Coach and Horses Pub – I could negotiate them but what would a wheelchair user or blind person do? And then just a bit further down the same road I came across a very narrow section of pavement where a couple of cars had been parked on it. It would have been a very right squeeze for a wheelchair user but oddly the road is very wide at this point so for the life of me I could not even work out why the drivers had felt the need to bump up the pavement.

A know three active local people with disabilities, one in a wheelchair and two who are partially sighted and they must come up against things placed on the pavement each and every day. All I and indeed they ask for is a little thought for those who are less fortunate; please keep pavements clear of obstacles whether they be cars, ‘A’ boards or anything else.

With thanks to Keith Page for the lead to this posting

PS. It’s also worth noting that people with prams and pushchairs will also encounter difficulties with items abandoned on pavements.

3 thoughts on “Lydiate/Maghull – Pavement parking and people with disabilities don’t mix

  1. Mike says:

    So why let all those cars by you park illegal have no council drive ways but then maybe too close to your voters

  2. Berith says:

    First and most importantly, I am appalled and disgusted that anyone would be treated this way when raising a very valid complaint. I agree with Tony that shame and an apology is a more credible reaction on finding that your thoughtlessness had caused a disabled person more difficulty.

    However, I live along the road pictured in the Champion and have for ten years.

    Although Tony says he feels the road is wide enough there – cars race by, making little or no allowance for the very sharp bend approaching. I have almost been whisked off my feet on numerous occasions locking or unlocking/unloading my car. I have had three wing mirrors smashed off my previous car whilst parked overnight. ‘Luckily’ my current car mirrors are not fixed and will knock forwards or back when hit, which they quite obviously have been during the evening/night….often ! One car I saw had their door smashed into as it was opened. I have had to snatch mine shut many a time as vehicles approach at speed, leaving no allowance of space (as they should) if a car is coming the opposite way, nor making any attempt to stop and wait to pass !

    There is no facility to park off road – the council will not allow us to use the grass verge. Nor will they allow a drive-way slope to be made where there is room for some of the flat residents to park off road….going as far as to remove one a neighbour had made at their own expense.

    There is another pathway to use along the inner side of the grass, verge well away from the road side pavement, and much safer in my opinion.

    So right or wrong we all use part of this ‘outer’ pavement to protect ourselves and our property for the most part.

    I say all this not to make any excuses but to add to the picture painted and will try to park more thoughtfully in future myself.

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