Lydiate – Wrong person identified over pavement parking

I covered a story that first saw the light of day in the Liverpool Echo recently about the problems that parking vehicles on pavements causes for those with disabilities etc. The matter was also covered in the Aintree & Maghull Champion. Here’s a link my blog on the matter:-

Since all this publicity and the fact that the person who originally raised the issue was said to live in Lydiate folks have seemingly jumped to the wrong conclusion i.e. they have assumed it was raised by former Lydiate Parish Councillor Tony Fenton who’s a well know local wheelchair user – IT WAS NOT. And before anyone asks who then?, I have absolutely no idea.

One thought on “Lydiate – Wrong person identified over pavement parking

  1. Phil Holden says:

    Pavement parking always got to Uncle Albert. And his daughter is the same, always chunnering about it!

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