Maghull – Some ‘from experience’ reflections on that new North Station

Maghull North Station car park

Well firstly the car park seems to be too small already and the station’s been open less than 3 months! It was full on Monday 3rd September at 2.30pm and I only got a space because a car left whilst I was in the car park. I hear that others have had similar experiences.

View of Liverpool bound platform at Maghull North Station

Secondly, there’s only one passenger shelter on the busy Liverpool bound platform and it is open to the elements so to speak. I have the feeling that this new station may well be unwelcoming in poor cold weather conditions. Did the budget not stretch to a enclosed heated shelter for the winter months I wonder?

The level access point off School Lane that still needs sorting out.

Really pleased that others have joined the campaign to try to push Persimmon Homes to get a trot on in finishing their works so that there’s a level access point to the new station for those who can’t manage the flight of steps off School Lane (see photo above). But really this should all have been sorted before the first train stopped at the new station. We are promised early action, so let’s hope Persimmon do get on board.

And what about the originally promised access path through from Park Lane (see photo above) to the station? I’ve heard differing perspectives on this. One saying it won’t now happen due to the lack of a pavement on the side of Park Lane which the footpath would come out on. Another perspective that it simply depends on Persimmon finishing off their works. Which is correct? I’m on the case so to speak.

Maghull North Station bus stops on School Lane

And finally, I was asked recently why the 31 circular bus which serves Lydiate and parts of Maghull does not go to the new station? I raised this very point with Merseytravel way back and if I recall correctly their response was that they were not planning on any circular bus changes in the Maghull/Lydiate area at least until the new station had bedded in, or words to that effect. Well it’s been up and running for nearly 3 months now so when will the review of local buses take place? Ball firmly in Merseytravel’s court me thinks.

One thought on “Maghull – Some ‘from experience’ reflections on that new North Station

  1. Frank Sharp says:

    Hi Tony,
    A couple of potential additions to your list of station issues:

    1) Replacement of Old Perimeter Fencing (seen in your level access picture)
    I asked Merseyrail to give consideration to replace the old perimeter fencing behind the Maghull North train station ticket office bordering School Lane, to enable it to be in harmony with the modern train station, to be more congruent with the neighbouring new Poppy Fields housing estate who have already removed hundreds of yards of this ugly, dilapidated fencing bordering School Lane and replaced it with open fencing entwined with Hawthorn hedging.

    The outdated fencing was originally used for the Moss Side Secure Hospital and dates back to the 1940s. The hospital has over the last 30 years been vacant, derelict, demolished during which time the condition of the fencing has never been properly maintained.

    Currently, there is a wonderful montage print of children’s artwork covering part of this old fence which hopefully could be retained on more modern fencing in the car park area.

    I was advised by Network Rail’s fencing contractors who were on site, some months ago, that they also had been surprised that this fencing had been retained.

    Merseyrail Response: The fencing is the responsibility of either Sefton Council or the Housing Estate.

    2) Graffiti on the underside of the School Lane (Maghull) road bridge spanning the railway line immediately behind the ticket office and pedestrian bridge of Maghull North train station

    Merseyrail Response: The Bridge which is beyond the station would be the responsibility of Network Rail so they will need to look into this one. We did ask them if they could paint the bridge but unfortunately this did not happen.

    Network Rail response: can only prioritise offensive graffiti.

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