Ormskirk – Trouble at Council meeting leads to Police being called over Planning objections

The Liverpool Echo has the story on this web site – see link below:-


Planning applications, particularly those for vast new urban housing estates on what has to date been Green Belt and/or high grade agricultural land, always causes huge public upset. We’ve seen it neighbouring Sefton Borough in Formby, Southport and Lydiate/Maghull as is recorded on this blog site numerous times.

Having been on a Borough Planning Committee my thoughts are this. Local people do not have enough control over how their communities are developed, the planning system is far too complicated and difficult for ordinary folk to engage with and Councils are poor at engaging with their own residents.

As I’ve have also said time and time again there is a huge disconnect between planning and environmental policy making with the environment usually taking 2nd place in the process.

But probably more than anything else I bet that the house building that is planned for West Lancashire will, like in Sefton Borough, fail to meet the actual needs of local people anyway. More 3, 4 and 5 bedroomed properties when the need is almost bound to be for social housing, smaller properties & bungalows/single level properties. The land will be sacrificed, often land that grows the food we eat, but even then housing need in the real world will sadly not be met.

No wonder folk get angry with the system!

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

One thought on “Ormskirk – Trouble at Council meeting leads to Police being called over Planning objections

  1. nigel hunter says:

    The planning system needs to be changed so that it is more profitable for the builders to build affordable houses (social, 2 bedroom houses) as the population seems to be turning to the nuclear family ., 2 children only or eve n single children with one parent
    Environmentally whilst Gove is going for the popular vote who is going to produce the food that we will loose by these proposals? Does this mean it will have to be imported at a higher cost or will it be subsidised ?
    Whilst I am here they say that the average wage has risen. An average means that some are higher others are lower. Is it possible that high wages are being paid to builders as their is a shortage of skilled workers. They get most of this average whilst those lower down the skills market therefore get less ?

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