Aughton – Empty shop unit at Town Green – Surely a coffee shop opportunity?

The shop unit above, which is next to Town Green Station, has been empty for some months now ever since the previous occupant (Spar) closed down.

I regularly cycle this part of the world and usually stop at the small parade of shops. This empty unit has made me ponder, bearing in mind we are taking of an affluent area which I have heard referred to (obviously jokingly) as Ormskirk’s stock broker belt. And the ponder? Why has it remained empty for the past 6 months or more?

My first thought when the Spar shop closed was that within a very short time it would probably become a coffee shop, maybe yet another branch of the Costa franchise. But no, so far no such move but considering the affluence in that part of West Lancs surely I’m not the only one to have had that thought am I?

One thought on “Aughton – Empty shop unit at Town Green – Surely a coffee shop opportunity?

  1. nigel hunter says:

    Empty shops could have a multitude of uses with imagination.

    How about opening it as acraft centre where it could be used as a studio for a craft person or more that could use it as a place to develop and sell their products.
    A small 3d printer production site for part of a product that could be linked to other shops that produce parts to make a whole item.
    A creche for mums and babies to meet with a coffee bar attached.
    We are only limited to how our minds think.With imagination who knows what can be achieved.

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