Maghull – Sefton takes action at Green Lane over 11 years of car sales

Well this has been one very, very long saga indeed but at last Sefton Council has taken what looks to be effective action.

I think my first involvement in this issue will go back to around 2007 when a Liverpool Road South resident contacted me in what was my Sefton Councillor capacity back in those days. The complaint was that the ‘Hammer Head’ at the end of Green Lane was being used for commercial car sales and could I help get it stopped/addressed? I blogged about the matter back in March 2011:-

Subsequently I contacted Sefton Highways quite a number of times to see if they had come up with any solutions but I got the distinct impression we were all going around in circles. One resident even suggested to me that Knowsley Council had addressed such issues by using Anti Social Behaviour laws but Sefton were not keen on taking that route.

What it seemed to come down to was that Sefton Highways were saying that a car sales company could sell up to 2 vehicles in one location on the public highway and no one could stop it, or words to that effect. When I pointed out that there were usually 3 or 4 cars for sale on Green Lane I was told that they were being sold by two separate companies so Sefton’s hands were still tied.

I then ceased to be a Sefton Councillor for Park Ward in 2015 (and had moved from Maghull to Lydiate) and whilst the car sales were still on going the complaints, to me at least, had stopped. However, I retained an interest in the matter and discussed it with one of the present Sefton Councillors for the Ward.

Then out of the blue about 4 weeks ago Sefton Council had a contractor out in Green Lane installing parking restrictions. Well I thought to myself 11 years on and a solution has finally been found, who said that the wheels of local government turn very slowly!

Here’s a couple of photos of the end result:-

3 thoughts on “Maghull – Sefton takes action at Green Lane over 11 years of car sales

  1. Glenn Richardson says:

    It’s the usual case that Sefton council don’t care what happens in Maghull so long as it doesn’t affect them . This parking restriction is at best basic and unlikely to be policed. It’s clear to me that whoever it is parking their cars there clearly have contacts high up in the council or is a Councellor!. My first question is are these cars taxed insured and MOT’d if not get them towed as public we have the right for abandoned cars to be moved. Other point. Speak to the people selling them

  2. Irene Donnellan Wokds says:

    Brilliant news. I passed this daily several times and it always remained a mystery. Felt sorry for the photography business with the parking issues. Great to see it is clear I’d car sales. At least you started the wheel TONY. Thank you

  3. E. Bricknell says:

    Great now hopefully it will stop! Now what about the parking on Liverpool Road South, as you turn right from Sefton Lane, the pavement may be wide, but it is not for parking on!

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