Liverpool – Merseyrail – The Giants and closed railway stations

Hightown Station will have no trains stopping there during The Giants event in Liverpool.

This is indeed an odd story which is carried on the Liverpool Echo’s web site – see link below

When it was first pointed out to me it read like an April 1st leg pull but there’s no joke about it, stations such as Hightown, Aughton Park and indeed many others will be closed when The Giants event is being staged in Liverpool in early October.

Unsurprisingly rail passengers who usually get a train from one of the closed stations are less than impressed and some politicians have been backing the angry rail users. But hang on a minute, Merseyrail the train operating company will surely not have made decisions about which stations to close down in complete isolation will they? Consultation will surely have taken place with event organisers and most importantly with Merseytravel (the public sector committee of Liverpool City Region which controls the Merseyrail franchise) won’t it?

On that basis surely these station closures will have had some kind of political sign off from elected representatives, or officers to who decision making of this kind has been delegated, of Merseyside’s dominant political party will they not? But then what about the station closures in West Lancashire or Ellesmere Port that are outside of the City Region, were politicians from those areas involved in the decision making process?

Is this another example of Merseyrail seemingly carrying the can for others like with the recent train guards dispute?

With thanks to Keith for the lead to this posting

2 thoughts on “Liverpool – Merseyrail – The Giants and closed railway stations

  1. Cath Roberts says:

    I’ve just spoken to Merseytravel and they are saying it is a Merseyrail issue.

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