Lydiate – Parish Council gets insight into Fracking

I’ve blogged about fracking previously and indeed mentioned The Moss Alliance who are organising the opposition to it locally.

Lydiate’s Park Ward Independent Sefton Councillor Pat O’Hanlon is a leading light within The Moss Alliance and she together with two other members of this voluntary campaigning group were at the last Lydiate Parish Council meeting. The group is trying to raise a significant amount of money to enable them to employ planning experts who will help the group effectively campaign against fracking. Here’s some details of their present Crowdfunder appeal:-

They were at the Parish Council meeting on 25th September to brief the Council on the current situation and the threats, as they see them, being faced by local communities in Sefton Borough should fracking go ahead in neighbouring Great Altcar Civil Parish.

Here’s a map showing where the well site will be situated in Great Altcar:-

And here’s the area covered by the license the fracking company holds for our part of the world:-

My apologies for the poor quality graphics which are caused by me copying handouts from The Moss Alliance.

As you can see a large area is covered by licence PEDL 164 so it is reasonable to expect that should the fracking go ahead locally that at some point it could well be underneath any or all of the communities within in it.

I’m firmly against fracking and I’m hopeful that Lydiate Parish Council will make a financial contribution towards The Moss Alliance at its next meeting. Here are some contact details for the campaign group:-

Renewables have to be the way forward, not more fossil fuels for our future energy requirements

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4 thoughts on “Lydiate – Parish Council gets insight into Fracking

  1. Phil Holden says:

    The way forward? I agree, Tony but it’s a long way to go and it will be a long time before we can manage without fossil fuels. Renewables alone can’t currently do it. Renewables plus nuclear would get closer and, with much further improvement in battery technology, might one day get there. Most houses have gas boilers. We are a long, long way away from getting rid of them at an affordable cost.
    Whether we should frack or rely on imports is another question.

    • Simon Philips says:

      In the second quarter of 2015, renewable electricity generation exceeded 25% and coal generation for the first time. As of 2nd quarter 2017, renewables generated 29.8% of the UK’s electricity. with that type of growth in the renewable sector fossil fuels in the future will be used less and less.

  2. Terry Seddon says:

    It’s the Green Party people should support local groups become infiltrated by company plants it’s well known.

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