Great Altcar – Old Gore Farm House

Literally a few yards outside of Lydiate, at the bottom of Bells Lane where the road takes a sharp right hand turn and becomes Altcar Lane in Great Altcar Civil Parish stands this house. The datestone goes back to 1596 and looks like this:-

The building has always interested me because of the date stone, so I’ve tried to find out a bit about it. Here are a couple of links that offer more information:-

You’ll need to scroll through a couple of pages of the 2nd link to find the relevant part.

A bit of history right on Lydiate’s doorstep and I’m guessing that as the name mentioned is Gore that there’s likely to be a family link to the Gore’s Charity which is for the benefit of Lydiate and still gives out grants even to this day. If I have made a wrong connection here please let me know and I will correct things.

Click on the lead photo (which is also on my Flickr Page at to enlarge it.

3 thoughts on “Great Altcar – Old Gore Farm House

  1. Joan Empson says:

    The land in the area of Upper Gore Farm and Old Gore House farm is a triangular strip known as The Goree. The name comes from this. The area was original part ot Lord Sefton’s estate and the houses were all built by the estate which included Great Altcar and Sefton village. Upper Gore farmhouse dates back to the 13th century.

  2. Jane says:

    I have been researching the Goore family of Altcar and environs, and some of the family are associated with the Goore Houses, which may have taken their name from the family (or perhaps vice-versa?). The family leased property from the Earls of Sefton for generations. A number of Goore family birth records and wills from around 1700 and earlier give “Goore Houses within Altcar” as a residence. John Goore of Lydiate, who established Goore’s charity in his 1670 will, is associated with this family, as is Charles Goore, who was born at Goorehouses within Altcar in about 1701 and later served as Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

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