Maghull – Foot and cycle path to Park Lane from new station

I’ve raised this issue a few times recently as back when the Poppy Fields housing estate site was down to be a new prison there was, along with the new Maghull North Station, an access path to be constructed right through to Park Lane. The path was brought into the the design of the site so to provide easier access to the new station for residents in the Park Lane area.

Here’s part of the access path looking towards Park Lane from Maghull North Station car park. Like Goldcrest Road it was constructed as part of the initial works for the prison that was cancelled.

My concern and indeed that of others has been that whilst the new station has been completed there’s no sign of the path being completed and opened up. This led me to chase up Merseytravel and Sefton Council and I now have what looks like some good news. This statement is from Sefton Council Highways Dept:-

I can confirm that I have persuaded Persimmon Homes to incorporate this footpath within their formal s38 Highways Act 1980 submission for the roads and footpath to be put forward to the Council for formal adoption. They will in turn become highways maintainable at public expense.

My thanks to Sefton Highways for chasing this matter through and gaining a good end result. It will just be a question of time now before the footpath/cycle path is completed and opened up for public use. That timescale is presently unknown and is down, I understand, to the phasing of the house builder’s works on the Poppy Fields site.

Hope that helps? Oh and BTW Sefton Highways have also agreed to take up the issue of the requested dropped kerb (for cyclists) onto School Lane where the recently opened level access to the new station reaches the pavement.

3 thoughts on “Maghull – Foot and cycle path to Park Lane from new station

  1. Marion Connell says:

    Good news thanks for information TonyπŸ‘

  2. Frank says:

    Many thanks for getting the reassuring clarification from Sefton highways.

    On a separate point:
    1) it would be great if they could sort out the awful sewage smell between the ticket office and the staircase, that has been apparent for the last few weeks And reported by the Champion newspaper last week.

    2) I was also advised by Merseyrail that there is no funding to replace the dilapidated fence on School Lane between the bridge and the pedestrian step entrance, whilst the remaining Fence beyond this belongs to Persimmon homes. Disappointing really, because it distracts from the positive general appearance of the station. Next port of call persimmon homes!

    Nevertheless, many thanks for the positive update.

    • Frank Sharp says:

      Seemingly, Persimmon who are responsible for the sewage pump station until it is adopted by United Utilities, have repaired the pump and resolve the smell problem.

      In addition, I spoke to some landscaping subcontractors today,
      who stated that they are undertaking the completion of the landscaping all around the level pedestrian access path to the train station, which should be a great improvement.

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