Liverpool Prison – This should not be happening in a civilised society

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link below

What I’m about to say will not be at all popular in some quarters but my view is that if you treat people like wild animals don’t be surprised if they behave just like that.

Prison has to be about reform where that is possible. Yes there will always be a hard core that are probably beyond any kind of reform but if we are to look upon ourselves as being a civilised society we have to treat prisoners in a humane way.

I also worry that undiagnosed mental health issues will be at the root of many behavioral issues in our prisons.

That our prison system seems to be regressing towards the pre-Victorian era is hardly encouraging. What’s more damming reports from prison inspectors don’t seem to be leading to big and timely reforms of some appalling conditions across the prisons system.

How come there are so many deaths in our prisons? Does this not indicate that that the conditions are well below decent, that mental health conditions may not be being managed at all well, that violence is far too prevalent etc. etc.

This is just something else that the Billions being shoveled into the Brexit black hole could be responsibly be spent upon but I guess that Brexiteers will disagree.

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