Maghull – It’s new North Station certainly has had it’s fair share of snagging issues

I guess that any new building and construction will have its snagging issues but Maghull’s new North station certainly has had what some folk would suggest is more than its fair share.

* No level access off School Lane for pedestrians, cycles and those with disability until 3 months after the station was opened and still no dropped kerb off School Lane for cyclists.

* A rather strong smell which I’m told is now being attended to.
* Lifts not working to platforms for first couple of weeks after station opening.
* Still a non-functioning public toilet

* No pedestrian/cycle path from Park Lane yet

* Appalling noise from testing of PA system
* Why only one small open shelter on the busy Liverpool bound platform?

Another issue raised by some locals is the old 6ft wooden boarded fence which has mostly been taken away but for part that fronts the station onto School Lane. Yes it presently has artwork on large banners affixed to it that was produced by local school children but obviously those banners will have a limited life. What happens to the old fence then? It will be no positive advert for Merseyrail that’s for sure when the banners are gone.

And of course there’s some head scratching going on about why the bus stops are a fair step or fifty away from the station:-

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that it’s been built as I campaigned for it over many years but I really do wonder about the detail of the project management. And you may wonder why I’ve not mentioned the size of the car park which is clearly a problem too i.e. it seems to be far too small. Well yes it is but that’s really a consequence of the lack of adequate car parking at the 3 stations north of Maghull North, indeed Aughton Park has none at all! Also the pricing structure of tickets can encourage folk to drive to Maghull’s 2 stations to pick up a Liverpool bound train. Trouble is this in turn means that whilst Maghull has a vast car park and Maghull North has a reasonably sized one there’s no room on a normal work day in either for Maghull, Lydiate and Melling resident’s cars unless they get there very early. This unfortunate conundrum, which will inevitably lead to more and more commuter’s cars being parked on the Poppy Fields Estate, needs to be addressed by Merseytravel & Lancashire County Council.

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One thought on “Maghull – It’s new North Station certainly has had it’s fair share of snagging issues

  1. Frank Sharp says:

    Just a quick update on the dilapidated fence on the left and right hand side of the pedestrian steps from School Lane to Maghull North train station.

    Mersey Travel informed me that the fence on the right of the steps belongs to Persimmon, whilst the fence on the left belongs to Mersey travel who initially suggested that funding would not be available to replace it. However, Mersey Travel did seem amenable to consider a quote from Persimmon to undertake the work on their behalf. Consequently, I spoke to Persimmon who did not realise that the right side of the fence was their responsibility when and were amenable to discussing the matter further with Mersey Travel. I provided them both with contact details for each other and understand that they may have met last Thursday and have been promised some feedback in a week, following the Mersey Travel managers return from leave. Both parties seemed positive, so fingers crossed.

    I am hoping that the right side will be replaced by continued picket fencing and hawthorns, whilst the left may be replaced with fencing half the size of the current fence to prevent accidents down the steep embankment. Mersey travel said they could re-site wonderful children’s montage prominently near the station.

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