Political abuse – It’s common in our fractured society and caused by our extreme politicians

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That politicians call each other by such vile language (who are in the same political party!) says a lot about the current state of our politics. But hey Labour politicians have been calling each other similar and worse than what Teresa May is called by her own tribe for a long time now.

The lies told about Brexit are at the heart of most of our political discord these days and the fact that our two major parties have gone off towards political extremes. Once a party goes to extremes it finds its lovers and its haters both within and outside that political movement. There’s is no room for people of moderate views in either the Tory or Labour Party of 2018, indeed the ruling sects of the two parties want the moderates out and they hate those moderates as much if not more than opposition politicians.

It always seems worse when women are at the sharp end of party political abuse because generally they are far less likely to throw out such abuse at others. In Teresa’s case her party is now of the far right and UKIP-type people are the dominant and uncompromising voice. She however was once an EU Remainer and despite that fact that she’s now trying to sell herself as a Brexiteer the real Brexiteers don’t trust her as far as they can throw her. They are mainly the rich and powerful and they see her as weak; trouble is most folks see Teresa as weak too! Her ‘peace in our time’ approach is not buying them off and it never will do.

Whether it be Momentum/Militant or UKIP/Fascist they deal in utterly uncompromising politics and when people get in their way, who are not of their sect, then the outcome can hardly be a surprise no matter how distasteful it may be.

One thought on “Political abuse – It’s common in our fractured society and caused by our extreme politicians

  1. Phil Holden says:

    I agree, Tony, that there is far too much abuse in current political discourse. Who’d have thought that MPs would end up all shouty like they were on twitter all the time? However, maybe it’s just me but while I agree that Tory eurosceptics are militant on that issue (and the associated issue of free movement) I just don’t see the current Tory government (or party) is fascist or remotely like UKIP. An example. Would you expect a fascist party to be planning an apparently open-minded review into the vexed issue of gender recognition, with all its potential to cause controversy? And on economics the Tories hardly qualify as being called “wet” these days, let alone “dry”. It seems to me that over most issues the Tories are currently as middle of the road as you can get…..

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