Merseyrail – This is why the Ormskirk Line has been shut

Oh the frustrations of being a rail traveller these days and Merseyrail is not even run by the dreaded Northern Fail:-)

The Merseyrail’s Northern Line up to Ormskirk has been closed for the past few days and will be for a few more. The reason? The platform/track height is being adjusted so that the new Stadler Class 777 trains (due in 2020) can stop at every station on the Merseyrail network and provide level access i.e. no steps down onto the platforms.

This upgrade work is frustrating whilst it’s being done but it should be a real step forward, rather than down, for those with disabilities.

Here’s a few shots of work taking place at Town Green Station today:-

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6 thoughts on “Merseyrail – This is why the Ormskirk Line has been shut

  1. Steve Lambert says:

    Tony question really. Just been on the rail replacement and noticed Network Rail staff working on the Ormskirk bound platform of the new Maghull North station and it looks like work being carried out on the platform edging, only a glimpse from the top of the bus as we went ovet the bridge. Thats an expensive cock-up for a new station opps! 😱

  2. Michael Levey says:

    Idiot – Merseyrail doesnt owned the railway or the station.. Its Network Rail that is doing the work to make the stations ready for the new train for Merseyrail

  3. Liz Wilson says:

    Work needs to be done and to be honest I think the rail replacement bus service has been excellent. The whole area is so well staffed to assist passengers. I think we have a great service on Merseyrail.
    Just my opinion. Must be very difficult for passengers with a disability however at present.

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